The American Dream: How Hard To Become Successful

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The American Dream is being able to achieve whatever a citizen wants as long as they are willing to work hard for it; being financially stable is a key factor to being successful. This is the main reason many immigrants come to America. They want to start a life that allows them to build a family in a successful environment. The American Dream started in the early 1800s saying that anyone was able to achieve what they want as long as they worked hard and never gave up. America is one of the best countries to achieve the idea of “being successful.” Although there are many obstacles in life, the American Dream is pretty realistic. Many people argue that it is hard to become successful when people are born into a poor family. They say that poor …show more content…

They say it is hard to get good paying jobs when a person is convicted of a felony. There are many alternate routes to take to become successful. Mistakes happen in life and if the person is willing to work hard then anything is possible. Felons can start up a company in order to become successful. They don't always have to work under someone. Lazy felons who aren't willing to work hard to become successful would argue against this and say that it isn't possible. They would say that people aren't willing to buy stuff from them or have enough money to startup their company. People need to understand that things take time. Success doesn't come overnight. The felon might have to work in a low paying job for a couple years to save up in order to start up a company. This is where the hard work and dedication comes in. It will be very tough for those couple years. They will struggle to pay bills and save money at the same time. There will be people discouraging them. That is why they need to work hard and prove everyone wrong. Then eventually they will achieve the American

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