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You are most definitely correct Mark. The Three-strike laws are a good way to deter crimes. As stated on the Golden Gate University Law review, the Three-strike law has had a deterrent effect because it reduces felony arrests rates among the class of criminals with 1 strike by 29 to 48 percent (Goodno, 2010, p. 469). Statistically, it seems to somewhat stop repeat offenders. Bill Veeck is known for famously saying, “If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can’t get you off” (Demakis, 2012, p. 354). However, I don’t believe it provides hope. This is more like a scare tactic, which is normal, but we also should try more rehabilitation. My problem with the law is sometimes the felony charge does not seem as serious as others …show more content…

For instance, in California a man named Gary Ewing was charged with felony theft. Second, he was charged with a felony for steeling vehicles. Third he was charged for theft again. The man was caught stealing golf clubs at a shop nearby the course. Unfortunately, that was Ewing’s three strikes, which led him to life in prison. The problem is the man now has to serve life over 1,200 dollars worth of merchandise. People felt it was unfair to charge someone life in prison for a non-violent crime. Ewing fought it in court, but the Supreme Court denied his appeal. He eventually died in prison; sadly, his imprisonment did nothing but cost the state a ton of money. California at the time was struggling financially, and overcrowded prisons only made the situation worse. Lawyers and many citizens felt that he posed no threat to society. He was a young adult struggling with drug addiction and was convinced to steal to keep his addiction going. Does a man like that deserve life in prison? It can be debatable if you ask me. Luckily, in 2012 proposition 36 modified the law into ensuring that the felony must be serious or violent. Not every state carried out the Three-strike laws, but 28 states do

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