The Scott Peterson Case

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Research Paper Scott Peterson, a killer at heart, didn’t think twice before murdering wife, Laci Peterson, and unborn child, Conner. His wife Laci was reported missing on Christmas Eve in 2002. All fingers pointed to husband, Scott Peterson. He had not wanted to be a father and didn’t care for his wife. He was arrested the 21st of April in 2003 and is still on death row till this day. Evidence revealed during the case, Scott Peterson is a coward and was rightfully sentenced the death penalty for his wrong doings. Scott was arrested he was convicted of a double homicide and murder without bail. The trial started and they chose six men and six women to be the jury. When the parents found out of these charges they decided to sue him so he couldn’t sell his story for money. After a while they decided to drop the charges and move on with the case. June 1st was the start of this horrific event and when he was sentenced the death penalty there was relief and sorrow in the court room on March 16, 2004. He still awaits the day for his death by lethal injection. As the trial progressed they investigated his motivations for murdering his wife and unborn child and came across …show more content…

He wasn’t like a caring husband helping the search he made himself look guilty doing it. I read an article that said “But authorities watching Scott Peterson proved that he visited the marina five times in five different rented vehicles as law enforcement officers searched the bay before the bodies were recovered, surmising that he was “checking to see if searchers were looking in the right place” (Stapley). If he wasn’t guilty he would not have rented different cars for each different visit. Upon the finding of the bodies 4 months later he was supposed to call Laci’s mother and tell them the good news but, he never did and for that the mother started to suspect him for this

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