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Charles Manson, born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 12, 1934, has become one of the most notorious serial killers. He was originally born as Charles Milles Maddox until his mother remarried William Manson, only for a divorce to happen quickly after. Right from the beginning Manson’s life was dark. Kathleen Maddox, prior marrying William Manson, had Charles when she was 16 – years old also being an alcoholic and prostitute. Charles Manson was placed in an all-boys school where he would only then run back to his mother who wanted nothing of the boy, forcing him to live on the streets and survive off of a life of crime. He started to spend time behind bars for half of his life up to age 32 beginning in 1951 and in 1955 he married a 17 – year old, moved to California, have a child and resume his crime life and be back in …show more content…

The sheriff didn’t realize who he had in custody until Susan Atkins confessed on the suspicion of murdering Gary Hinman that led detectives to figuring Manson and his followers were behind the killings on August 9th and 10th. During the trial, his ego, insanity, and belief in Armageddon were the influences of destructive trail. He believed he was the Messiah that after a “nuclear attack” him and his group would be safe hiding out in the desert and that his belief of the race war would be a black victory and himself would have to mentor the black community since they “lack experience of running the planet.” Manson’s followers that were in both murder cases would admit to the influences and other plans for the future. On January 25, 1971, Manson was convicted on first-degree murder for directing the deaths of the Tate/LaBianca victims. His sentence was death, but commuted to life after California’s court invalidated all death sentences prior to 1972. He is currently still

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