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Who is Charles Manson? Charles Manson is everyone’s favorite boogeyman. He was born November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio by his sixteen-year-old mother Kathleen Maddox. It has become known that Charles never knew his biological father his mother married a man named William Mason, in which Charles was given his last name. His mother, Kathleen was promiscuous, a criminal, she always drank way too much and the outcome she failed to properly take care of her child’s wellbeing. Not to long after Manson’s birth Kathleen went to prison on armed robbery charges. Six-year-old Manson was thrown around relatives. His grandmother, from who his mom fled, starting forcing fanatical religious standards onto Manson. So from there Manson went to his uncles, …show more content…

So, now instead of going back to the reform school, he went to prison, he proved to be less than a model prisoner, within his first year he had ended up with eight assault charges. They then transferred him to another prison to help him “clean up his act.” But in the end we all know mason will not change his devilish ways. It all goes back to the way he was raised as I explained above. He finally got released out of prison a few years later, after his release he met and married seventeen-year-old Rosalie Jean Willis. After they were married, they took off to California in a stolen vehicle. Rose became pregnant, which kept Charles out of prison after they caught him with the stolen car. So, instead of arresting him and sending him back to jail they put Manson on probation, in which didn’t slow him down what so ever. Him still running the streets stealing and provoking others lead the cops into revoking his probation and putting him in the Terminal Island Prison for three …show more content…

He got released from prison in 1958 and he became a pimp to support himself. By 1959 he went to court once again after being arrested for cashing a stolen check in which he stole from someone’s mailbox. He received a ten year suspended sentence, allowing him to meet and marry his second wife before his next arrest in June 1960. Once again, facing federal charges for crossing state lines for prostitution, Manson was again found guilty and his probation was again revoked. He spent the next seven years at McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington state then at Terminal Island in California. His second wife then divorced him after the birth of his second son, Charles Luther Mason. Charles spent prison time learning to play guitar and studying Scientology. He got re-released in March 1967 and went to Haight-Ashbury, where he blended in with many other outcasts who lived among the area in the 1960s. Soon after arriving in the area he met Mary Brunner, who was a college graduate working as a librarian at UC Berkeley. He later moved into her apartment and Brunner began falling in love with Manson. Her life changed drastically once Manson became a part of it. She accepted his desire to sleep with other women, she started doing drugs and soon left her job to begin traveling with Manson around California. She was instrumental in helping entice people they met to join the Manson

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