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Charles Manson. BY:Wyatt Smith
When people think of Charles Manson they think of a psychopath who murdered lots of people but that's not entirely true, he actually never killed anyone. Charles Manson was considered a murderer in the sixties. To understand Charles Manson you will need to understand his childhood and early life, his crimes and the manson murders, and his arrest/trial and his death.
To begin, his early life. Charles was born November 12, 1934 in cincinnati Ohio. He was originally born Charles Milles Maddox and his mother married William Eugene Manson so his name changed .his mother, Kathleen Maddox, was an alcoholic and a prostitute and his biological father was Colonel Walker Henderson Sr. He was living on the streets at a young age committing …show more content…

The manson family cult was consisted of around about one hundred people who shared his love for unconventional living According to and he sent 4 of his most loyal and obedient followers to kill everyone in the house of Roman Polanski on August 9, 1969 one of the victims was actress Sharon Tate who was eight months pregnant at the time. On August 10, 1969, one day after Sharon Tate's murder, Manson ordered Watson, Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten to murder Leno LaBianca and his wife. According to Wikipedia his family members also tried to assassinate the U.S. president. And Manson was also involved with the murder of Gary Hinman. According to the Manson family was thought to of carried out 35 killings most of them were not tried because of lack of evidence or because the perpetrators were already sentenced to life . The word pig was written in Sharon Tate's and the LaBiancas blood and the word “Helter Skelter” was written on the fridge helter skelter was the race war Manson believed in. Manson was influenced to commit these murders by drugs such as LSD and magic mushrooms and to get attention on his Helter Skelter

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