The Case Of Mr. Horatio Alberto Reyes-Camarena

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In 1996, Mr. Horatio Alberto Reyes-Camarena was a foreman at a farm in Oregon. One of the female workers and her sister were wanting to find work at another farm in Washington, but had no way to get there. So being the gracious foreman that Mr. Reyes-Camarena was, he offered to drive the women to Washington. He leaves the camp with the two girls and after they are a good distance away from the camp, he stops the car, robs the two women, repeatedly stabs them, and leaves them on the side of the road to die. The 18 year old woman died, but her 36 year old sister survived 17 stab wounds to testify against Mr. Reyes-Camarena in court. He was given a fair trial, but with the surviving victim’s testimony, he was given the death penalty and sentenced to death row. Mr. Reyes-Camarena was sent to Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Oregon and it was later found by his prison doctors that his kidneys were failing. In 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prison inmates were entitled to the same medical and dental treatment as everyone else is. So Mr. Reyes-Camarena was put on dialysis. In 2003, six years after he was sentenced to death row, his doctor …show more content…

He is on death row, why has his sentence not been fulfilled yet?” This is due to a few reasons. Every year Mr. Reyes-Camarena appeals his case and attempts to change his sentence. His lawyers are doing their job, and exhausting every appeal that he has. The appeal process is lengthy and can take a long time. The average time of an appeal is about a year. Each year, his appeal is denied by the courts and he stays on death row. Another reason is that Oregon is under a moratorium (a temporary prohibition of an activity). The governors of Oregon have been protesting the death penalty by this moratorium since 1997, and it is still current today. Therefore, all prisoners who have been sentenced to death row since 1997 are still in the Oregon

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