Murder Of Adrian Jones Newspaper Article

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They were supposed to love and care for him, instead, 7-year-old Adrian Jones father, Michael Jones, and stepmother, Heather Jones, tortured him to death.

Adrian's bones were found inside a pig sty in his family's yard on Thanksgiving in 2015. The 7-year-old boy's body was put there for the pigs to eat after he died weeks before, in September or October of that year, according to KTLA.

The child's death was never reported, investigators began to search for him after going to the family home for a domestic violence call. That was when they were told the boy had not been seen. They discovered his remains on the property the next day.

The little boy was brutalized his entire life, until he was finally killed in the heinous murder that took …show more content…

They didn't stop when they slept. They didn't let him sleep. He was left to rot in a shower that ultimately became his coffin...and when his parents could no loner stand the stench, what was left of his little body was fed to pigs."
Adrian's grandmother, Judy Conway, said the pure torture her grandson went through physically made her sick when she saw videos from security cameras the family had inside the home.

She watched as the boy was trapped naked inside of a shower with no way to escape for months, strapped to an inversion table, and forced to stand in a pool with water up to his neck overnight. Aidan was also starved, with alarms placed on the food so he could not eat.

Conway's wants her grandson's death to help stop abuse against children:

"We want him to continue living on although he's not physically in this world. If I continue to do whatever I can to make sure no other child suffers the way that Adrian did, if we can continue to do something in his name, that's what we want."
The six other children in the home, all under the age of 11, were placed in protective custody after Adrian's bones were

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