Personal Narrative: Serial Killers

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I am sure that most of you know Jake the ripper as one of the most famous killers. However, there is no much information about him. What if I told you that I met the guy twice. In my childhood and I was the last face he saw in 1888. You wouldn’t believe that, right? My father was the man who took care of Jake. My father was the leader of London’s dark brotherhood. In 1860 during one of his missions, he killed a family, for their involvement in a satanic cult that killed, and eat people to do their rituals. Among of their victims there was Jake’s family. He was the only survivor so my father adopted him and raised him to be a member of the dark brotherhood. At first, Jake was ten at that time. They wanted to put him in an asylum but my father protested and took full responsibility of the lad.…show more content…
The cult already started their ritual, so there was a lot of blood on the ground. As a result, my father decided that we should kill them all. Out of nowhere, they jumped on us the ambushed us. Two of our fighters died fighting against them. After a 2 hours long, brutal fight. The entire cult member where dead. Before burning the house my father went to check the basement. In the basement, they found a lot of cage. In one of the cages there was a 10-year-old boy crying. All what he was saying was complete non-sense, so my father took him with them. In 2nd January 1850 The brotherhood got mad at my dad because he brought someone to our hideout. Most of the members wanted to send him to an asylum, but my father protested and said to them that he will turn him into a warrior. He took him home with him, he spent hours trying to get his name, but the boy said he had no name. He was detained with his family by that cult for 10 years. He was born in captivity. He reminded my mother of her deceased brother Jake, So she decided to call him from that day Jake. This happened before I was born. Between 1850 and
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