Student Success In America Essay

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Student success within America’s colleges and universities is not as prevalent as you might think. Thousands of U.S. students making the transition from high school to higher education this fall will have difficulties being successful in college. While there is no clearly evident reason for this struggle, a closer look will show that things like heavy workloads, responsibilities, and stress put on students at a young age could be a determining factor for success later in life. To combat this problem, educators and other influential adults that have a large impact on a child 's life from a young age need to take action. By providing positive support and an attitude that embraces education as a tool, kids can be taught to have healthy study habits and work ethic early in life. There is not enough time in the day for teachers to teach everything they need to. Therefore students must do school work and other interactions outside of school hours. Usually, students at an economic disadvantage often struggle in …show more content…

Some of these reasons are well-known and long-standing issues. However, others--such as the emergence of a screen culture--are new and even somewhat unexpected challenges. However, the nature of each issue does not matter. All of them are standing in the way of us becoming globally competitive.
While it is no secret that students are facing these issues, it is unclear on how to fix them. The education system in America must face change in order to be better. In order for the system to change, the customs and traditions of old must be let go and new ideas must be accepted and used in order to get better. The constant clash of new ideals vs old ones is a very big issue among schools in America and needs to be directly addressed.
Extracurricular activities are another great way for students to be more successful. It is no secret that programs like STEM are huge in preparing kids for the real world but yet they still fall into the shadow of things like school

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