Satire Essay On Homework

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Being trapped I can 't-do this I can 't-do anything This is stupid I’m stupid. Everything is stupid, I quit i witnessed this moment when I had to do English homework. I feel like I don’t want to do my homework but I have to do an assignment or even just the idea of homework, often even before the work comes out of my backpack. Kids have probably never liked homework, so that’s not new, but thanks to our fast-paced, immediate gratification culture, kids today think that learning and everything else that’s mildly challenging and not fun, shouldn’t be. The resilience and perseverance they show when playing video games or looking for the perfect outfit is unavailable to them when it comes to schoolwork. They think that learning should be like …show more content…

Instant success. No fuss, no muss. And when it’s not, they are convinced that their struggle is undeniable proof of their inadequacy and lack of intelligence they can 't-do it, they’ll never be able to do it, and they’re stupid. There are many parents whose major concern is not public policy but what will happen at home tonight. They are not Tiger Moms, but ordinary parents who simply want the best for their children. These parents start out with the full intention of supporting the teachers and their children’s schools. Yet, something goes wrong along the way as they and their children fall into a homework trap. The problem starts in elementary school. The notes come home, and the parents get “the call.” They meet with the teacher and make plans to make sure everyone is on the same page. Before long, the cast of characters grows. By middle school, there are several teachers, the disciplinarian and the nurse, all fighting over what these children do not do. Their parents feel pressured to oversee their work, as they also feel criticized as if they’ve done something wrong. These parents would do anything to help their children, yet nothing they do reaps results. Soon, they realize that the efforts they are making are actually doing more harm than

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