The Game Of School: How It Hurts Kids, By Robert L. Fried

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The Game of School: Why We All Play It, How It Hurts Kids, and What It Will Take to Change It by Robert L. Fried is a great tool for identifying challenges in school systems and planning school reform. This book explains in great depth the problems faced by students and educators in schools today and ends with a call to action for solving these problems. Some major concepts that arise frequently throughout the book are time being wasted, students feeling powerless and the prioritization of test scores over authentic learning. Time is wasted by everyone in school and is wasted in various ways, for example students are given busy work and teachers rush through a curriculum while students learn nothing. Students, while they are the most important stakeholders, feel as though they have no control over their education. This is …show more content…

This gets a little complicated though because students are often not heard or asked their opinions. Feeling like their opinion doesn’t matter is very discouraging to students but the ones that dare to make themselves heard say that is very inspiring to actually get their point across. Betty Jo Jordan, executive assistance to the State Superintendent of West Virginia, said after speaking with a few middle to high school age girls, “I think sometimes we completely ignore the fact that these kids think a lot about a lot of things. We don’t really ask them for their opinions or their ideas on how to make schools better... That was very enlightening.” (Patrick) About a year or so after that group of girls spoke to her, I had a personal conversation with one of them and she has informed me on how much more she values her education from the experience. School reform, as well as school itself, should be utilized to benefit students in every way possible and I see no better way to do that than putting them right into

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