Composition 110 Class Reflection

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I first would like to thank you for taking time to read this letter. I am sending you this letter to discuss a few things about the Composition 110 class that I am currently enrolled in. Some of the topics that I would like to discuss is my learning, how this class is helpful for my future classes, my participation in class, my work ethic, my plans for the second half of the semester, and my goals for the next four weeks. In the paragraphs below I wish to go in further detail about these topics.
I personally feel that my learning is going very well and I am very happy with the skills that I am obtaining. I personally enjoy the reading reflections because it allows us to make it personal and even question the text book. I also like how our projects …show more content…

I personally feel that the personal narrative we did in class has helped me immensely. I feel this way because it showed me that my story is still being written, and I am the one who will decide how it will go. I also feel that the personal narrative has given me motivation to excel in all my current classes as well as my future classes.
I believe that my participation in class is excellent. I feel that I regularly attend class and that along with my participation is the reason for my success in the class. Like my participation, I feel that my work ethic is excellent. I personally feel that everyone should put 100% in everything that they do because hard work pays off in the end. I feel that my work ethic is reflected in my current grade, and I am very pleased with it.
My plans for the second half of the semester is to not change my learning, participation, and work ethic but rather improve rather improve upon them. I am very happy with my current grade but there is always room for improvement. Which brings me to my goal for the next four weeks. My goal is to raise my grade to a 100%. I feel that for me to achieve my goal, I have to continue to go to class every day and to continue to give 100% in all of my work. I feel that my group members for our final project must work together and strive for

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