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Taking different English and writing classes has allowed me to write different types of papers. One paper that can be very challenging is the personal narrative. There are certain requirements that you must follow; each paper is different depending on who assigns it. When I am assigned to write this type of paper, usually it is dreadful to start and accomplish. This type of paper should just be removed from college writing courses. Having read the two articles provided and a choice of my own; gave me more understanding of the ways writers write personal narratives. Reading the short article, A Bad Why College Essay about the reasons behind students writing personal narratives and how they are incorrect. There is an example of how you …show more content…

Even though the essay’s are some of the top written ones; there are still reasons why it should not be part of college writing courses. A Study in Ambidexterity written by Justin has a good example of why they should not be written. “So now, when I run into the inevitable questions in college applications about who I really am, I can answer clearly: I am ambidextrous” (Justin). With this essay for a college submission showing how well, something is used to represent what good qualities he has. Sadly, only one big idea is used to express the reasons why he is so successful in different environments. Instead, he should have expressed other reasons why he is successful in life. Many people have more than one outstanding quality about them. Taking that into consideration, A Study of Ambidexterity was a well written essay even though he could have thought of more ways to express his best qualities. So taking, this type of essay out of college writing courses allows students to improve on other writing components. You would not have to stress, struggle, and contemplate on writing about yourself just to see how strong you write about yourself. Also, papers I have read through for errors have very well imaginative details. The author for the paper gives enough detail that readers follow everything that is happening and can picture

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