Classroom Management Philosophy

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The teacher of the kindergarten class I help out with has very many different ways of classroom management. Before I start talking about how my teacher manages the classroom, I first want to talk about a substitute from another kindergarten class. She was a substitute for three days, but what I found interesting was she was able to get all the children to pay attention to her and behave properly. I’m sure the children were intimidated by her even I felt a little intimated myself. She was able to get even the most energetic child to control themselves. For example the students were in the library and a few of the students were not paying attention and talking to each other while she was giving a lesson. So she stopped whatever she was doing and said please stop and starred at them for like a minute until they sat nice and quiet. The whole time we were in the library no one said a word unless the substitute teacher allowed them. I think the reason she was successful in behaving the children was because she was intimidating and the students knew she was not the person that was lenient and the students knew they wouldn’t be able to get away with it. …show more content…

She always has at least two adults helping her out and she takes advantage it. For example she has them pass out the papers, take some children that need the extra attention to the back of the classroom or a different classroom. When a student is doing a great job, sitting quietly, and doing their work she likes to let the class know how that student is sitting quietly and doing their work. Once that happens all the children do the same thing to try to impress their teacher. The teacher usually does a great job redirecting the students. For example she usually does a countdown from three and that will get the child to do their work

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