Active Learner Strengths

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Self - directed, intrinsically motivated, active learners seek knowledge. They’re ways of learning are intentional, purposeful. This paper will explore the aspects of a self - directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner. There are areas of personal strengths and weaknesses when one is a self - motivated and engaged student. That will be expound upon as well. I will share my strategies for personal growth, explain how I will implement each one and share how I will evaluate my successes or hold myself accountable for not succeeding.

The active learner makes it their responsibility to figure out what needs to be learned and how to go about learning that, as in, what type of learning style fits best for them. For instance, if someone was …show more content…

Those goals are what drives them to succeed. Motivated means to be moved to do something. (Deci and Ryan,1985). The student may come across obstacles, but will not let that deter them from acquiring the knowledge they seek. Obstacles can be fuel needed to continue to push forward. It is a test of the students ambition and drive.

Areas of personal strength are being discipline and responsible. The active learner is organized and manages time well. It takes a great amount of discipline to look at all that needs to done and map out a plan of action. If the plan is not followed and the results are unfavorable, the student would now take responsibility for the actions that led up to that.

Some weaknesses of being self - motivated and engaged is the tendency to take on too much and the ability to beat ones self up or feel down when things don’t go according to plan. Things will not always go according to plan. It is within those moments, it is alright to have a “moment”, but the key is to pick yourself up and try again, keep going. It will be worth all the hard work later.

My strategies for personal growth …show more content…

For me it seems as if there are never enough hours in the day. Between running to work, school, after - school activities, Dr. Appointments, the list could go on and on. Then I added returning to school to my list of to - do’s. I actually print out my schedule of events and cross of events as I finish them.

Research reference material - It has been a very long time since I was last a student. It is a struggle at times. I have to keep in mind why I am doing this. The reference materials that has been given is helping me to adjust to what is requested of me from my instructors.

Challenge myself - When I take the quizzes. I will continue to take them until I get every question right.

Feed my brain Oxygen - By this I mean, spend time meditating / breathing. Do some yoga techniques. It gives me a clear head to be able to focus.

Do not read, when clearly exhausted - This does not help me retain information. It’s better to read when I have fully rested.

I will evaluate my personal growth by gauging whether I am using the knowledge I am learning, to better my purpose. If I can see where something I have learned is making me think differently or approach my business differently, then I will say I am growing. If not I will re- adjust the strategies, this will be how I hold myself

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