Personal Narrative: My Dual Credit Composition

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As I walked into Dr. Hamer’s classroom on Thursday, August 13th I did not know what to expect. It was only the second day of Dual Credit Composition, and we knew we were getting a our first paper assigned⎼so soon! but I had not mentally prepared myself. About five minutes after Dr. Hamer told us, “Good afternoon,” she began passing out the rubrics. I look down at the paper and read the title “reflection based on narrative: literacy narrative.” As I read down the lines of the assignment sheet my heart began to speed up when I see that it is worth 100 points and it must be approximately four pages-that is the most I have ever had to write! I was mostly concerned about this first paper because in previous high school English classes the highest grade I had ever gotten on a paper was a B+. Dual credit composition has taught me many writing skills that I will continue to use once I get to Westminster. This course has taught me that in order to be an effective writer I must convey information in a manner which keeps the reader engaged. As a writer, it can often be challenging to find a topic that is completely new to the reader, but if I create a unique controlling idea about a familiar concept it can …show more content…

Before this class I had honestly never realized how essential it was to keep my reader interested. This skill of engagement will help me throughout writing assignments at Westminster and into my future career. Keeping an engaged audience can benefit me when trying to present a new idea to my boss and/or coworkers because they are likely to be more accepting and understanding of my idea or product. When I am older and far into my career I will have to remember that I learned the communication/writing skill of engagement in the Dual Credit class I took at Southern Boone High

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