Self-Directed Attivation

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The methods and approaches of instruction and learning that UoPeople uses are intended to promote self-directed, intrinsically motivated and active learning by students. For this reason every student is supposed to be familiar with these methods and approaches.
A self-directed learner has the tendency to apply whatever they learn from knowledge to diverse situations for different uses in the course of their life and they often become trusted leaders and facilitators. So being a self-directed learner provides a person a chance to practice and get ready for leadership positions. Such learners derive the motive to …show more content…

My success score on the ability to assume constant learning, discovery of treasured lessons and understanding in almost every experience I have (Downing S., n.d) is 72 which is well above the minimum score for a successful student. I am also highly self-motivated to learn and understand. I do not only aim at getting high grades or external praise. My success score on the ability to recognize self-motivation and discover purpose in my life by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams (Downing S., n.d) is 72.
My Personal Weakness
I tend to procrastinate sometimes. My success score on the ability to practice self-control, steadily planning and taking focused actions in quest of goals and visions (Downing S., n.d) is 53. This is not quite satisfactory, at least per my ambitions. I also have low interdependence skills. My success score on the ability to utilize interdependence, building reciprocally helpful associations that help me achieve my goals and visions while helping others to do the same (Downing S., n.d) is only 37 which is below minimum acceptable score on this assessment …show more content…

I need also to improve my study skills particularly because I usually lose concentration when am studying. One way of achieving this is to take healthy breaks when am studying to fight off boredom thereby improve concentration for increased knowledge retention. I shall set for myself clear personal goals and objectives and strive to pursue them at all

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