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“Academic success,” for me, doesn’t mean graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA and attending an Ivy League college with a ton of scholarships. Personally, the term “academic success” means being able to feel proud of my own dedication and the hard work that I put in. Having the end result ultimately be, walking across the stage at graduation; whether that be at my high school graduation next year or my college graduation down the line. I know I will have achieved the epitome of my own “academic success” when I am dress in a cap and gown and am sitting at either of my graduations. All I hope for is that I am able to attend a college I want to attend, have proud parents, and in the end, proud of myself. The term “academic success” can a numerous…show more content…
The end of the school year is tricky enough, but senior year will be even harder. To reach academic success by the end of my high school career, I will be able to look back with no regrets and be proud of what I accomplished. Second semester I will be at school everyday and not miss unless it’s excused or I absolutely have to. If I do that, not only will I be more informed about what is going on in class, but I will not be required to take my finals which will most likely benefit my grades. Focus is going to be the most important word of senior year. Being focused and staying focused on not only my school work, but things outside of that as well. I will be having to think of college and preparing for that. I will be having to prepare for graduation and I will be going through all types of mental things because senior year is the year of “last firsts.” Being focused is the main goal to achieve any type of success senior year but most importantly academic success. In conclusion, academic success can have an infinite amount of definitions. In addition to that there are many different paths an individual can take to reach the not so simple goal of academic success. Those paths depend on their own personal definition of “academic success.” Personally, that definition is self pride and having a family that is proud of what I have accomplished in my four years in high school. If there were three words to sum up my own path to my personal definition of academic success those words would be focused, hardwork, and

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