Academic Success Definition Essay

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“Academic success,” for me, doesn’t mean graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA and attending an Ivy League college with a ton of scholarships. Personally, the term “academic success” means being able to feel proud of my own dedication and the hard work that I put in. Having the end result ultimately be, walking across the stage at graduation; whether that be at my high school graduation next year or my college graduation down the line. I know I will have achieved the epitome of my own “academic success” when I am dress in a cap and gown and am sitting at either of my graduations. All I hope for is that I am able to attend a college I want to attend, have proud parents, and in the end, proud of myself. The term “academic success” can a numerous amount of definitions. What that …show more content…

It is easy to get caught up thinking too far into the future and forget about what is important right now. To keep myself grounded in the present and create goals I need to ask myself one simple question; how will I reach “academic success” by the end of the current school year? The answer is simple yet complicated all at the same time. The rest of this current school year has to be all about dedication. The definition of dedication also seems simple, “the quality of being committed to a task or purpose.” To reach my academic goals for the end of the current school year I have to begin putting the majority of my energy into my school work. It is a lot easier to put my focus and dedication wholeheartedly into the work I need to do for school now that Speech and Debate is over. The main thing I need to teach myself how to do is to get home from school and immediately begin working on anything school related, even if it is due in a month. I have gotten in a bad habit of procrastinating or coming up with excuses and those habits need to be nipped in the bud.

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