Academic Success Essay

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My plan for academic success is to pass all my classes with a C average. Another plan for academic success that I have is to choose classes that best fit my understandings and personality. Also I would like to get my license as a senior and have a job. Another academic plan for success is to have friends, friends are important to success because if I have no friends I’ll have no one to talk to while I’m working on school work. As well as the fact that I’m horrible at all my english classes, it might be a good idea to get those improved. I watch a lot of Youtube on my free time because when I get done with all my homework and chores around the house I chill.I don’t have many plans after school but I’ll take it one day at a time. Those are my plans for academic success. One of my academic plans is to pass all my classes with a C average. The reason I want a C is because my mom never wants an F or a low D in my grade book. She never expects me to get straight A’s and B’s but that’s why I want a C. I’m not always gonna pass every class with a C, because every class I take I always have trouble with the beginning semester. The reason for that is I never like my teachers at first, then I get to …show more content…

English classes were never my best topic, but you’d think if it is a class that is the word of the language you speak, how hard could it be. Well for me it’s super hard because I can’t comprehend very well, I hate reading so much I barely do it, and the only way I would actually read a book is if I was willing to get into it. What I mean by that is that there will be that one book that I read and as I’m reading it I’ll imagine everything I’m reading as if it came true. But like if I get assigned a book and I have a do date to read it chances are I won’t read it because that won’t mae me want to get into it. Overall I should really start improving my english

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