Personal Narrative: My Journey Through The Croton-Harmon High School

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As I traveled through each grade of the Croton-Harmon High School, my personal and academic goals helped to me to really flourish. These goals may have varied from year to year because a freshman is a little different from a senior, but they basically had all the same concept: I wanted to strive in school to be the best all-around student I could be, constantly stay focused and immerse myself in the Croton community. By setting my expectations and goals very high, I could flourish academically and really work to my full potential. By following these goals in school I pushed myself very hard and tried to take classes that would challenge me as well as help me to flourish as a student. For example, I have taken 4 APs including some very hard ones like AP biology and AP macroeconomics. A major accomplishment in my academic career was receiving Wells College Leadership Award, which I was nominated for by my guidance counselor because of my spirit, integrity, intellectual and leadership qualities. The award was an appreciable payoff for all the hard work I put in. …show more content…

Being members of different clubs has given me eye-opening experiences that I wouldn't get anywhere else, and for this reason, I appreciate these clubs so much. Whether I was going on a backpacking trip to Harriman State Park with the Explorers club, learning to dance the Bachata in Spanish club or writing speeches in the National Honor Society. Each club brought a little new different aspect to my life and these clubs really helped me with my goals. At first it was a challenge to put the most effort in something that’s very hard or I don’t know how to do, but these clubs taught me the skills to be able to do that and reach my

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