Personal Narrative: Montville High School

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As a child, high school seemed like a place that was miles away. Everything about it- with the exception of the graffitied bathroom stalls-lit up my eyes with the dream that I would one day be walking down its halls as a student. Although high school felt so far away, Montville High School itself was no stranger to me. When I was younger, my mom tortured me by sending me to the Chinese program held there every Sunday. I also used the school’s athletic facilities from joining the recreation track program, which I stopped going to after two weeks from discovering my antipathy for physical activity. From all of this, I quickly became familiar with what others would think as the overwhelming layout of the school. For some reason, I had always felt …show more content…

Since I did not have a single class with any of them, I was glad to finally be able to spend time with people I knew. We found a table next to a glazed white pillar in the cafeteria, put our backpacks down, and went to go buy lunch. Almost immediately, the cloud of loneliness following me around morphed into sunshine. As we waited in line in the crowded sandwich deli, we shared what was going on in each other’s divided high school worlds as others shoved past us to get food. After paying for our meals, we sat down at our table to eat. While eating our lukewarm and bland sandwiches, my friends and I joked around with each other, sharing loving insults. As we laughed and discussed what we did over the summer, I realized that I had not felt this happiness in a long time. Despite the noisy atmosphere and the mediocre sandwiches, I knew that this would be the part of everyday that I looked forward to. After lunch, I went through the rest of my classes feeling at ease. On the bus ride home, I thought about my first day of high school. I was still astounded by the fact that I could finally call myself a 9th grader. I thought about all of the potential things that I would accomplish in the next year. I thought about how different I would be at the end of my high school career. From my first day experience, I was excited for what this new school would bring to

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