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How do you define Success!! My English teacher asked me “How do you define success”? Success means different things to different people. To me success is having good grades and a good amount of money, achieving your goals, and happiness. Success is by not having good grades because of your education. If you don’t have good grades you won’t get a high school diploma and without a high school diploma you can’t provide very well for yourself. Examples like you can’t get a good place to live, but you would have to live in a small space like an apartment or a hotel. If you can a get a good job that pays then you will be maybe ok in your living situation, but if you don’t get a good job you need to go back to high school and get that diploma. …show more content…

If your happy and you do what you’re supposed to do, then being happy will play a big part of how will you become successful. You can be happy to someone to brighten their day or just give somebody a compliment on how they look because it would make their day and that is success for a lot of people even including me. Being kind and happy to other people makes them happy and success plays in that part. Success doesn’t always mean a goal or something to achieve, happiness will open more doors for you in the future and now everyone loves happiness. If they don’t then they need to go to a mental therapist because happiness is the first way to become successful. Remember that happiness means a lot and plays a big role in how I would define success. So remember in the beginning how I said “my English teacher said How do you define success”. Well I said all the things how I define success in my own words. The things I said was good grades and having a good amount of money, achieving your goal, and happiness. The ways I defined success is the way how I express the way my mine works. Just because people say that’s how they define success, you should always go with your heart because that’s the real success because that’s how your mined processes it that way. So how I defined success is the way I defined it. So my question is “how do you define

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