Essay On The Call Of The Wild By Philip Malloy

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In the beginning of the book, Phillip Malloy was passionate to make it into Harrison school’s track team. He thought that being only good at running would automatically make him into the team, but his grades interfered with his chance at the team. He didn’t make it into the track team because he detested Miss. Narwin’s class and felt the book, The Call of the Wild was useless, so he put the most unnecessary response to an answer of his exam. Therefore, he received a failing grade which is a “D”. With his failing grade, Phillip couldn’t make it into the track team and he blames Miss Narwin for the whole problem. Then when the faculty committee changed homerooms, Philip is now assigned into Miss Narwin’s homeroom class, making matters even worse. Then, Miss Narwin asks the school district if they could allow her to attend a two-week workshop to make Miss Narwin’s teaching skills a lot better. This is because she feels that students these days have no passion on literature. Her funds got rejected and were given to the Marching band instead. In the other hand, Philip asks Coach Jamison if there is any way for him to make it into the track team and his response was to get extra credit from Miss Narwin, but he decides not to and later he never puts effort to Miss Narwin’s class or his grades. Next, during the school’s morning …show more content…

The school board tried to talk the incident out of what really happened, so that they can win the school budget election, but it failed. Both Philip and Miss Narwin faces major issues, Miss Narwin was asked to take a leave of absences even when a lot of people are giving her hate mails and Philip becomes stressed with his peers disapproving him. In the end, Miss Narwin resigns teaching and Philip switches to a new school where singing the anthem was allowed and in his response he said he didn’t know the

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