Gabriella Montez Character Analysis

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Gabriella Montez’s primary stereotype is the “nerd.” The first time Gabriella is seen, she is reading a book. This is a common indication used throughout the film industry that leads viewers to make the assumption that the character in question is introverted and intelligent. When Gabriella transfers to a new school, it is made clear that she is in fact academically talented. She is referred to as a “freaky genius girl” and “an Einsteinette.” Gabriella is almost immediately recruited to be a part of the school’s prestigious Scholastic Decathlon Team. “Our Scholastic Decathlon team has its first competition next week and there is certainly a spot for you!” Another common stereotype attached to Gabriella is the “new girl.” This stereotype usually entails shyness and discombobulation. Gabriella displays both. Gabriella's shy characteristic overlaps with …show more content…

An example of this is when Gabriella abruptly leaves what appears to be a chemistry class to meet up with Troy. A fellow academic and her best friend, Taylor McKessie, notices that Gabriella is neglecting academics and is upset about it. Taylor believes that Gabriella is limiting her academic talent by participating in the musical and feels that Gabriella will be a crucial component in winning the Scholastic Decathlon.
Gabriella quickly becomes confident and open. Her friends are happy about this, but feel on some level that she needs to remain timid and quiet to truly use her academic abilities to the fullest. Her friends are not yet aware that it is possible to be both outgoing, attractive, confident, and smart, but they soon learn.
Gabriella's "new girl" status is quickly stripped from her as she almost immediately becomes involved in school activities. The surprise from her peers comes more from her confidence than her not having the "new girl" shy attitude for

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