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Comparison Between Mean Girls And Real Life

Hollywood has made many movies that involve teenagers and their lives in high school. In most of those movies, they portray high school differently than actual high school. One of those movies is Mean Girls. The movie is about a girl named Cady Heron who moves to a new city from Africa and attends a public school for the first time. She gets in trouble a lot at first because she does not know the rules and customs of an American school. She quickly becomes friends with social outcasts Janis and Damian who warn her to avoid the school’s most popular girls. The popular girls take in interest in her, so Janis asks her to pretend to be friends with the popular girls, so they could mess with them. She …show more content…

In Mean Girls, the students are divided into very defined cliques, like the band nerds, jocks, popular girls, and math geeks. In real high schools, the cliques are not that defined. They still have cliques like those, but many of the students are in more than one clique and some of the cliques group together. Most of the of the students like to spend time with the people they like, so in many cases groups have a variety of people in it. An example of this would be a group that has a band nerd, a jock, and a math geek. Mean Girls also shows several of the teachers being extremely unprofessional. At the beginning of the movie, a teacher gets a drink spilled on her. She tries to take the soiled top shirt off, but her undershirt comes up with it. When she finally gets her shirt fixed, the principle starts flirting with her. All of this takes place in front of a classroom full of students. Accidents and clothing malfunctions occasionally happen to teachers in real high schools, but the teachers do not flirt with each other in front of students. Teachers are more professional than that around their students. Acting like that is disruptive to class and is frowned upon by the teacher’s

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