Youth Culture In Mean Girls

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Youth culture can pertain to interests in styles, music, clothes and sports. It also pertains to behaviours, beliefs, and vocabulary; this refers to the ways that teenagers conduct their lives. The concept behind youth culture is that adolescents are a subculture with norms, morals, behaviours and values that differ from the main culture of older generations within society. For instance, young men and women, teenagers in this case, are mostly represented as unpredictable and not easy to understand. In the film, Mean Girls directed by Mark Waters (2004), adolescents are represented as bullies, who use manipulation to achieve what they want and are two-faced with the people around them; they are constantly stereotyped as a high social group like the plastics and a low social group like the mathletes; also they are presented as young people that fall under peer pressure, and are overly concerned about their appearance and about being socially accepted. In this film by Mark Waters, teenagers are depicted as bullies who constantly manipulate people to get what they want and who are two-faced. Certain social groups, such as the Plastics, use manipulation to achieve their goals. This is evident when, in the phone call scene, Cady influences Gretchen and Katy and she makes them start hating Regina. This suggests that teenagers, in order to get what they want, will manipulate their own friends without caring about the consequences. The director, Waters, represents with this scene

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