Mean Girls Sociological Analysis

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All of a sudden, I found myself thinking sociologically when I was watching the movie “Mean Girls,” because it reminded me of the cliques and peer groups that were in my old high school. The movie is about a teenage girl who ends up becoming a part of this clique full of mean girls and after an incident she sets out to try and ruin the leader of the clique’s life. It was the cliques and peer groups that made me start thinking sociologically, because it made me look back and see how much I have changed since I came to the University of Kentucky, and left my old clique or peer group behind. In my sociology class I learned that a peer group is a “group of individuals who are often around the same age and are linked by common interests and orientations.” Some peer groups can be good and some can be bad. The peer group that I was a part of in high school was bad. In high school I was always a little different and did not have many fiends because the clique or peer group in my high school used the Social Typing which is a “labeling process that begins when a person violates a norm. Negate sanctions are applied to norm violates in the form of criticisms, punishments, and/or labels.” They labeled me as a “dorky weird girl.” Everyone in high school believed that I was dorky and weird, …show more content…

Affect why I do the things I do? Affect how I react the way I do?” I realized that for me the social factors around me in high school that were affecting the way I think, do things, and react the way I did were because of my social environment. Those mean girls made me feel bad so I felt bad. They made me say certain things and I said them. They made me think a certain way and I thought that way. I lived in a very judgmental environment. I could not be someone else I had to continuously adopt the label they gave me and any time I violated that label they would get really

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