Girl Rising Sociology

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In Girl Rising (2013), reveals how gender discrimination negatively affects the future of many women and continues to be prominent in society through forced marriages, extreme poverty, and/or labor obstacle.

Girl Rising (2013) reveals heartrending stories of nine girls from different countries to show how these girls overcome great obstacles to obtain an education and change their fate. Each of these girls was paired with a writer from their own country to help tell Soka story. Young girls that were faced extreme poverty, forced marriage, and forced labor (Robbin, 2013). Each story is written by a writer from the girl’s native country and is narrated by renowned actresses such as Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Salma Hayek, and Meryl Streep …show more content…

One of the nine girls named Suma, live in Nepal. Unlike her brothers who go to school, she was forced to work because it was in their family and others. It was called kamlari, her parents were used to be kamlari and kamaru. She had three masters, she would sing to able for her to know that her past was real. when she was 6 years her master work her to 4 am until midnight. She was six years when she was forced to work instead of going to school because her family was also forced to go work instead going to school so she could not do anything because it made her feel weak. Named Bimal Sir convinced Suma master and mistress to enroll her in a night class. She would finish her all her work and attend the night class. Suma would learn to read and write, it was run by social workers for girls who are kamlaris. Her instructor wanted to be liberated all the girls who were forced to work and send to their parents and to have an education. So Suma was sent to back to her parents and she decided to help other girls who are kamlaris and released …show more content…

It’s not the parents fault that they are not able to pay for the kids education. Wadley’s mother was not able to pay her education because Wadley and her mother and other families went to tragic earthquake. She needed the money to survive for both of them. As for Suma, both of her parents were bonded as kamlar and kamlari in their childhood. That’s the way things have been for the poor people where she live in Bardiya, Nepal. Azmera being forced to marry someone because the Elders warned Azmera’s mother that Azmera would die that unless she was married young “Give her a hand, Give her possibility a chance to

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