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Student Ashaby Byrd of 8B has been absent from school since March 29, 2015 until the end of the school term. The student was living with her father, Carlos Byrd, since the death of her mother from she was seven years old in Old Harbour Bay. Her father is a fisherman. Three months ago, he ventured to sea but was caught in the wrong vicinity by the police, which resulted in him being jailed to date. Since then, Ashaby had lived with her paternal grandmother from the same community. Her grandmother, however, had financial constraint, which resulted in the student being absent from school since March 29, 2015. Ashaby’s maternal aunt, Kadia Jarette, had recently moved to live in the same community during the summer. Upon communicating with Ashaby; she discovered that she had not been attending school. Since…show more content…
She has also made a commitment to finance student’s school expenses and signed a commitment form to ensure that Ashaby attends school consistently. Academically, Ashaby appears to be an average student, however, if she is given the opportunity and guidance, will capitalize on her abilities to achieve greatness. I was also made aware that the student has some behavioural problems. In addition, the student’s attendance record throughout the last academic year was very inconsistent. I am therefore committing myself to provide ongoing counselling sessions for the student, monitor student’s attendance and if necessary, make an external referral. In light of Ashaby’s new environment, her aunt’s commitment and the commencement of ongoing counselling sessions; I hereby kindly request that the school grant Ashebe Byrd readmission of her position as a student to this noble institution. Thank you for your kind consideration, as we continue to ensure that no child is left behind and that each child is given a second chance to actualize his/her true academic potential. Yours

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