Childhood Ptsd Case Studies

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Alejandro C.: A Case in Childhood PTSD
Identifying Information Alejandro is a 30 month (2 ½-year-old) male of Hispanic descent. Currently, he is a ward of the Los Angeles County’s foster care program (DCFS). He has been placed in a private foster family agency’s (FFA) volunteer foster family home. His mother, Ms. C., is a 28-year-old woman who is currently living at a residential drug program for treatment of her addiction to methamphetamine. Ms. C. self-identifies as Catholic. Alejandro’s father, reportedly, has not dealt with Alejandro since after his birth. When Alejandro was approximately 12 months (1-year) old, DCFS removed Alejandro from Ms. C. due to severe neglect. Currently, Ms. C. is attending court mandated parenting classes, a drug rehabilitation program, and bi-weekly visitations with her son.
Alejandro currently lives with his foster family in Los Angeles County, under the administration of a local FFA. It should be noted that Alejandro has lived in three previous foster homes prior to his current placement. Alejandro is accumulating wrap-around services, which meet in both the foster family’s home and various other environments. Twice a week, Alejandro’s foster parents shuttle him to meet with Ms. C. in a local Los Angeles park. As Ms. C. is progressing in …show more content…

At the time of his placement in his current foster home, Alejandro exhibited traits of poor attachment (indifference to others, lessened signs of physical affection, severe tantrums, etc.). Presently, Alejandro is able to sit and cuddle with others while they read to him or while he is watching television, owns a greater power for producing positive emotion, and has lessened the frequency and duration of temper tantrums. According to Schultz et al.’s (2013) study, this change in behavior/resilience may be attributed to positive adaptation skills gained within his new

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