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Family/Living Situation: Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, Mr. Johnson has seven biological siblings; five brothers and two sisters. He does not believe that he shares a father with any of his siblings. His biological father reportedly passed away when Mr. Johnson was a baby from unknown circumstances. Mr. Johnson entered foster care at age 2 and remained in out-of-home care through the age of majority. He was maintained in one foster home from age 4 to 12. In this placement, the family moved to several states but always returned to the Milwaukee area. From 12-14, an aunt obtained placement after several behavioral challenges in the previous foster home. At 14, he returned to the previous foster parent home. He was then in the custody …show more content…

Johnson said that he was prescribed Risperdal and Concerta while he was in middle and high school, but has not taken any psychiatric medication since at least 2010. During his intake at CJF, he expressed a desire to speak to a therapist. It is unknown if that request has been fulfilled. He has been engaged in fights that warranted minor medical attention, and instances of refusal to uncover and/or come out of his cell. He was placed on suicide watch when he refused to correspond with officers. When this writer last met with him, Mr. Johnson explained that he had been “gassed” in his cell for refusing to allow the officers to do a cell check. There is no record of any ordered, prescribed, or administered medication at CJF, or any mental health diagnosis. Mr. Johnson says that he’d been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a teenager. AODA/Treatment Considerations: There is no remarkable history of alcohol abuse documented, though Mr. Johnson admits to smoking marijuana daily and occasionally using Xanax. He says he started smoking marijuana at age 13 largely because it was what other people were doing. He denies using any other substances. LEGAL ISSUES/CONSIDERATIONS: Mr. Johnson has the following juvenile adjudications and adult

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