Assisted Suicide Case Summary

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The patient is a 53 year old male who presented to the ED via EMS intoxicated and reporting suicidal thoughts. The patient denies homicidal ideations and symptoms of psychosis. The patient endorses depressive symptoms including: tearfulness, isolation, and insomnia.

During the time of the assessment the patient is awake, alert, cooperative, and clam. the patient reports that he had been drinking to 2 pints of alcohol earlier during the day. The patient BAC was .34 when lab were conduct. The patient reports a non-compliance with his medications for 3 weeks. The patient reports that he was unable to fill them a few months ago with DayMark. The patient reports that he has been depressed recently. Furthermore, he reports that both of his parents died years ago around this time of year and he tries to block out the thought of both their deaths. Patient report that both his parents died of cancer. The patient was asked about his statement while in route to the hospital where he sated, "If I had a gun I 'd be dead." The patient states, " I was just rambling off, it was more talk." The patient reports a history of Alcohol use, which began in his teens. The patient reports no history of attempted suicides and no weapons in home. The patient expresses that his motivation to stop drinking is not strong even with his wife concerns towards his habit. …show more content…

Gentry and Kellie Moran, LCSWA. The both share the disposition that the patient should be reevaluated in the morning. TACT will contact the patient wife, Caroline, for further information on the patient behaviors. The patient was made aware that he is under IVC and the conditions of that

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