Symbolism In Amy Tan And Julia Alvarez

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In literature, the technique of symbolism is used to convey an idea about a subject, person, or place. In the works of Amy Tan and Julia Alvarez, symbolism is influential throughout their stories. The story of ¡Yo! is a great example of how well Julia establishes the symbols of a haunting folklore to a real-life terror. Although the story of ¡Yo! takes place in the United States, it tells the story of a family that escapes from The Dominican Republic during the time of a terrifying wave of dictatorship. The symbol throughout the text is El Cuco. A bogeyman known well amongst Latin parents and children. He used a tool for parents to get their children to behave. The consequences for the children, if not well behaved, are being taken away by El Cuco and never to be seen again. For Yo’s mother, there are a few things being held over her head. Her anxiety and the fear of what will happen if the D.R. police were to find her and her family. Like her children, Yo’s mother can be represented just like the children told the tale of El Cuco. Consumed by the fear of Rafael’s dictatorship, she believes that if not well behaved, she, along with her family—will be taken away and punished for not following the rules. Also living in the United States, she must concern herself with Child Protective Services (CPS), an organization known for taking children from their parents, if neglect/abuse is heavily suspected. Not as harsh as Rafael and his police force, but for a parent like Yo’s

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