Sociological Imagination Is A Personal Family Issue

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Introduction There are many different types of cultures in society around the world, all with their own individual accepted ways of behaviour, some cultures might be familiar and others might seem strange to us. Cultures have their own set of norms to control acceptable behaviour. If we as fellow human beings all took the initiative to understand each other’s cultures, it might not seem that strange to us anymore and it is possible that we could help others in a way that is acceptable to the society in which we live in. The aim of this essay is to discuss, using a view based on the sociological imagination, whether a unique personal family issue can be related to an issue in society. Meaning of sociological imagination The sociologist, C Wright Mills said that the sociological imagination is a perspective on the world that helps us to see the links between society and the individual’s experiences and circumstances. The sociological imagination explains that external influences significally influence the individual’s motivations, way of thinking and social status in society. The sociological imagination attempts to understand human behaviour by placing it within a broader social context, as well as, observing the connections between what appears to be the personal problems of the individual compared to the larger social issues. Personal problem and social issue A personal problem is society is the hardships that negatively affect one individual’s life, for example alcohol

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