Sociological Imagination: Why Should We Go To College

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Rebekah Blair
Sociological imagination is, as defined in our textbook, the ability to see the connections between our personal experience and the larger forces of history. So basically, it is speaking of the relationship between who we are as people and the social forces that shape our lives around us, saying that we think about certain things in ways because of what happens around us. Even though we may think that we are going through something alone and nobody understands us, to me, this is saying that our personal experiences are not all our own after all.
We may think about trying to decide what college to go to as our own personal struggle, but those around us are experiencing it to. Even on top of that we think the choice is ours personally to make, when even though we may not realize it, our parents, those important to us, and those around us are also having a role in where we decide to go. …show more content…

Well, we think this is also a personal choice and thought process but it also must deal with history and those around us. One reason

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