Mean Girls: Social Influence Theory

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At the beginning of the film (4 minutes and 50 seconds) shows how the different Hierarchical Groups taking part in this movies. Social Dominance Theory explains the behaviours that being participated in and experienced in middle and high school as well as the behaviours in the above mentioned move, Mean Girls. The theory states that people all belong to groups and members protect their group and act to maintain their hierarchical groups. The clip demonstrates this principle in how a member of the group did not follow their standards and therefore, in order to protect the group, she was dismissed. The top group has high social value which motivates and maintained the hierarchical status. Such social value leads out group members to have out group favouritism towards the high status group due to hopes of joining and also acquiring high social value. This is also viewed in the movie Mean Girls in how everyone admires the members of the plastics (PSU WC, 2015).
The entirety motion picture is truly one enormous case of Social Learning for case when Regina learned how to be a ‘plastics’ from watching her mother and students in a college copy the conduct in an endeavours to be compensate in term of being recognizable in a college. Expentancy Violantions Theory are applied during this scene in which as according to …show more content…

According to Bandura (1962) Vicarious Learning refer to learning of behaviour for example aggression from watching videos or behaviour of one person and we impliment it to our daily life. One example is when Cady and Janis try to sabotage Regina by cutting holes in her shirt, exposing her bra during a minutes of 31:54. Rather than get upset, Regina walked out of the change room and basically starts a new trend. This is a perfect example of the ides of attention, retention, production and motivation/ reinforcement that Regina applied in this movies which has been marked or trends to the college

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