Sociological Analysis Of The Movie Crash

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Grady Katie
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AP Lit Final Exam

Crash is one of those movies that make us rethink even what we think we know about the world we live in. The film Crash has several sociological concepts, prejudice, social class, Thomas theorem (examining issues of race) and ethnocentrism. Crash also uses several literature devices like irony, pathos, and tone. These Literature devices demonstrate police brutality, violence and racism. Crash shows a lack of civil liberties, rights, social justice, and prejudices from the people. This movie did a great job of showing how certain society’s work, races such as African Americans, Hispanics, and Persians/Asians were being treated wrong in the movie, and it displays the sociological concepts.
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Prejudice was a sociological concept in crash; it was displayed in the scene when the liberal cop went to the LAPD to request a new partner because of what the last partner did when they pulled over the married black couple. The liberal cop was prejudice towards his last partner because of the partner’s actions towards the married black woman when they pulled them over. The literature device the pairs with this concept is irony, “I’m not sitting on this curb for nobody”(imdb)This statement was said by Cameron, when he was pulled over by the liberal cop. Irony was used in the scene when the liberal cop helps the black gentleman because he says I know this man. As he makes his statement this calms down the other cops who are about to shoot him because he is black and speaking angrily, the irony occurs later in the movie with the same liberal cop picks up a younger black man but end up shooting the young black male because he made a move reaching inside of his coat thinking that he was making a threaten move but after he shot him he realized the young black man did not have a gun he had the same Jesus piece. The liberal cop went from a person who believed racism is wrong and viewed people the same to end up killing a young man base on his race and his threatening…show more content…
Many could be analyzed, but the main social concepts were prejudice, social class, Thomas theorem (examining issues of race) and ethnocentrism. Prejudice was used by the liberal cop towards his partner because if his acts towards to the married black couple, Social Class was a concept when comparing it to Cameron because of how successful he was but he was still treated wrong because of his race, Thomas theorem was used in the film because of how the character believe what will happen to them based on their race, and lastly Ethnocentrism was used in the film and this was used by officer Ryan in the film when he was talking Shaniqua on the phone. Literature devices use in this film to describe the social concepts were irony, which compared with prejudice, pathos which paired with social class and tone which paired with Thomas theorem and ethnocentrism. Crash is a movie that was full of emotional rides from sad to happy to scared to mad. Crash really displays how the United States is and how it is based on race and stereotypes towards minorities rather than being based on your accomplishments like degrees, and education awards and hard work. Crash is one of the best movies that illustrates sociological problems in the United States and how it all comes together to form a
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