Group Dynamics In The Breakfast Club

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The film “The Breakfast Club” exemplifies group dynamic because at the start of the movie they don’t know each other and they think that the personalities are the same as the stereotype linked to their social group, but when they get to know each other the stereotypes go away and they realized that they are very similar. B y the end of the film everyone in the group figures out that they aren't that much different and they are all struggling with being misunderstood, so they realize that they were judging the other people in detention when they weren’t so different. In the movie The Breakfast Club John Bender is the criminal, Claire Standish is the princess, Andy Clarke is the athlete, Brian Johnson is the brain, Allison Reynolds is the basket case. Mr. Vernon gave everyone in the group a piece of paper and a pencil and told them to write a 1,000 word essay on who each one thinks they are. The group responded to the assignment by writing one essay explaining that it was stupid to write who each person thought they were because each person was a basket case, criminal, brain, athlete, and a princess. The assignment was meant to be …show more content…

I think cliques form because people that have a lot of things in common try to stick together, like how Andy and Claire knew each other before going to the detention. I feel that cliques could be both good and bad, it just depends on how your clique treats other people who aren’t in your clique, in the movie Brian’s clique wouldn’t turn people away where as Claire’s clique would. We have discussed stereotypes and the effect they have on an individual, in the movie Brian was going to kill himself because he was supposed to be the smart one but he got a B in

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