Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay

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High school is a life changing experience for everyone. Teens mature and deal with situations that they may not have had to deal with before they entered it. The movies Clueless and Mean Girls are based on two different high schools with similar problems the teen girls face. Although the two films are taken place in different decades and portray a different aspect of what it’s like to be in high school; they both have a similar life lesson.
The 90s classic, “Clueless” is a movie about a teenage girl, Cher Horowitz, who is popular, pretty, caring, wealthy, and an air head. Cher lives in a Beverly Hills mansion and is envied by many at her Los Angeles high school. She is best friends with a girl named Dionne Davenport, who is also wealthy and well liked at their school. Both of the girls are passionate about shopping, and enjoy spending money from their parents. Cher’s mom passed away from an accident during her liposuction, when she was just a child; so, the majority of her spending money comes from her lawyer father. Another one of Cher’s hobbies is playing, “Matchmaker.” She was able to get two of her teachers to go on a date, and they end up falling in love. Although at first, Cher’s intentions were for her teachers to be happier and give her less homework; she realized that helping others was a better reward than getting what she …show more content…

Both of these films have the similar setting of being in a high school. They also have similar characters; an underdog, love interests, and a queen bee and her friends. In “Mean Girls,” the queen bees can be seen as Regina George and her two friends that take in the underdog, Cady Heron. Similar to that situation, Cher and Dionne take in the underdog, Tai. The lesson learned when watching the “Clueless” and the “Mean Girls,” movie would be to stay true to who you are and good things will

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