Tortilla Sun Analysis

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Can you imagine life living with a single parent? In the stories “Confetti Girl” and “Tortilla Sun, “ show how your parents can possibly act and treat you when they are single. In the experts from Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun tension is caused by the different point of view between the parents and children. First of all, in “Confetti Girl,” the girl only lives with her dad. Even though the girl and the father do not get along, they try to be kind to each as much as they can. In paragraph one and two it explains how she has memories of her mom after school. Her dad then takes care of her. Her dad does not understand that his daughter loved her very much and he changes. Moving on to “Tortilla Sun,” The girl in this story lives with her mom. In paragraph forty-six, it tell us that she took something from her dad. She explains that it was important to part her life. Next, in “Confetti Girl” the tension comes from the point of view of school. Her and her father have a very different outlook on school. For example, in paragraph 13 it states that things are good until her …show more content…

In “Tortilla Sun,” tension is caused through the point of view on moving. In paragraphs 25 and 26, Izzy’s mom informs her that she has to go to her Nana’s house in New Mexico because she is going to Costa Rica to finish her research. Her mom believes that this is fine with her, but it really isn’t. For example, Izzy’s mom is forcing her to leave because she decided it would be good for her to visit her Nana. Also, she bought the ticket for her to leave before she even asked Izzy. To compare, Izzy is sad because she doesn’t want to leave. This is because she thinks her Nana is a total stranger to her. In addition, in paragraph 31, it states that Izzy’s mom wants Izzy to make new friends. Izzy tells her mom that it is hard for her to make friends when they are moving all of the time. There are many paragraphs that cause tension between Izzy and her mom, but these paragraphs cause the most

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