Summary Of Ransom Rigg

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Ransom Rigg’s book is about a young boy named Jake Portman. Jake idolizes his grandfather, Abe Portman, tremendously. Abe grew up in an orphanage, fought in wars, and was once in a circus as a boy. Jake was always told these fantastic stories about strange children that grew up on an island with Grandpa Portman. The stories were of children with invisible bodies, abnormal amounts of strength, and even the ability to create and control fire with just their hands as tools. Jake loves the stories and believes in them until he gets too old and starts to question their authenticity. When Jake reaches the age of fifteen, his grandfather is always ranting and raving about monsters that are trying to get inside his house and kill him. Jacob and his…show more content…
Once Jake discovers the body, he comes face-to-face with the tentacle-laced monster that caused all the destruction. Abe dies in his grandsons arms but not before muttering some last words about a letter and some bird. Jake has no idea what those last few words meant. Nobody believes Jake when he explains the monster he saw; the death was notarized as an attack of wild dogs. Jake deteriorates into a deep depression, as his grandpa was his best friend. The psychiatrist suggests that Jake go to the island that his grandfather grew up on to try and settle Jake’s nightmares and uncertainties about the death of his family member. Jacob meets a girl there and realizes that his grandfather never lied about the children in his stories; the girl can generate fire with her bare hands. She discovers who he is and that Jake is related to their beloved friend Abe. The house he is lead to is full of all the peculiar children he was told about as a young boy. Miss Peregrine’s home was struck by a bomb in World War II but is now restored to its original state, but the time frame of their “world” remains in the 1940’s. He discovers that Jake is also one of the peculiar children with a “superpower.” He is the only one able to see hollowgaust, which are the monsters that haunt the peculiar children and feast on…show more content…
The first chapter was a little slow but was a key element in what the book needed because it introduced the main character and his grandfather and the wonderful relationship they had. The book ended with a major cliffhanger which is quite maddening as I was completely ready to read what happened next and where the story would go from there; however, cliffhangers are always beneficial for the author as it makes the reader buy their next book to discover what happens
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