The Scorpion Chapter Summaries

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When, His brother Randy , the leader of the scorpions, gets sent to jail, jamal a 12 year old boy needs to get five hundred dollars to get him out. The scorpions are a group of drug dealers. When Randy goes to jail, Jamal is offered the leadership role with his friend Tito by his side. Will he be up for the challenge. His Mama says to stay away from the scorpions because she says she doesn’t want him to end like his brother. The author introduced things well. One way he introduced things well was the beginning of the book. The first couple of lines really hook the reader in, they are “That ain 't real,” Dwayne said. Come on,” Jamal said. There was the taste of blood in his mouth. “you gonna see it real.” Dwayne didn’t move. Jamal held the gun pointed at Dwyane.” This really hooked me in. I think that the author did a great job using the first page to show the reader what is going on in the book, and to read on to find out what will happen next in the book. A way that he didn’t introduce well is the characters. He did not explain in detail what the characters look like, or how they act, or how they deal with conflict and other things. Like on page 1 where he …show more content…

The plot is that a 12 year old boy named Jamal who has a 16 year old brother named Randy who just got sent to jail, and he also a an 8 year old sister named Sassy, who are all being raised by a single mom. When Randy gets sent to jail, he needs 500 dollars for an appeal, so Jamal tries to help out with getting the money, but he ends up joining the scorpions, which is what Randy was in when he got arrested. The scorpions are a group of kids younger than 16 years old, that sell drugs and do errands for people. While working for them Jamal gets stuck in a bind with two of the scorpions, Angel and Indian, he ends up doing something that will make them upset what is it will he survive this encounter, will he

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