Short Summary Of Dragon Keeper By Carole Wilkinson

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The book Dragon keeper written by author Carole Wilkinson is set in Ancient China. The story entails a young girls sojourn throughout China. During the journey, the girl changes from believing that she is unworthy of a name to somebody who has encountered everything from almost dying to damaging endless laws deserving of death.

The story begins in Ancient China with a slave girl who in the first place makes herself unworthy of even a name. The young ladies fundamental purpose is to care for two dragons and out of the blue one of the two dragons dies. The young lady feels that she is to blame for and the young lady ameliorates the level of care to the dragons.

One day a dragon killer enters town and dreading for the monster 's security, the young lady liberates the dragon, however the dragon is adamant that he won 't leave until the point when he …show more content…

The young lady who by Danzi (the dragon) is named Ping, supposes she isn 't prepared for this and tries to leave however she feels guilty. The dragon must venture to the ocean and they confront numerous misfortunes on the journey. Ping and Danzi make a trip through numerous towns to get to the sea. They are pursued by the dragon killer throughout.

The only way Danzi can shroud himself is by shape shifting. At a certain point in the book it appears they would accomplish their objective and reach the ocean of healing. Obviously, there was another plot twist and the person who assisted them the most, ended up being a shape shifting form of their primary foe.

After relentless battle, they at last got to the sea. The dragon stone was a dragon egg and Ping knew it was her business to care for it. The writers ' fundamental objective is to delight and engage the audience, as well as to take the reader on an adventure brimming with intense plot twists. The creator accomplishes her objective. For me the book is composed clearly because of its simple yet y descriptive

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