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  • Kingfooder Airlines: Case Study: Kingfisher Airline

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    since it commenced operations in 2005, refer to exhibit 1. Acquiring Air Deccan in 2007 made the situation even worse. After acquiring the Air Deccan, the company suffered a loss of over Rs. 1,000 crore for three executive years. By early 2012, the airline accumulated the losses of over Rs. 7,000 crore with half of its fleet grounded and several members of its staff going on strike. In November 2010, in order to cater heavy debts and interest from the loans taken, the company went in for debt restructuring

  • American Airlines And Delta Airlines

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    INTRODUCTION American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines are the top leading air transportation carriers in the US market. These three airlines have been operating and dominating in the industry for nearly a century. These three companies have been leading the industry by an example when it comes to the environmental, social, and economic challenges their industry poses. What follows is an assessment of the industry focusing on improving Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through

  • Controlling Westjet Airlines

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    that makes it important for the company to insure that all activities are completed as planned. The company is more likely to benefit by setting standards, measuring business performance, and taking corrective actions. (Robbins, 2013). Since WestJet Airlines takes a place in a very competitive industry, as well as an industry that tend to have its ups and downs; it has a few pragmatic ways to achieve their goals through controlling process. One of the examples of WestJet implementing effective feedback

  • History Of Delta Airlines, Inc.: Airline In The US

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    beginnings as a crop dusting operation in 1924, Delta Airlines, Inc. (Delta) has grown to be one of the major airlines in the US with listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company consists of an airline segment and an oil refinery segment. The airline segment provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo and other services such as aircraft maintenance and repair. The refinery segment provides jet fuel to the airline segment from its own production and through jet fuel

  • Essay On Delta Airlines

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    executive with many years of experience driving sales to capture market share and achieve considerable increases, my motto is "going the extra mile for you." I am eager to return my capabilities to the travel market and deliver results for Delta Airlines. The skills and training I can bring to this position are unique. I have successfully built a reputation as a creative sales executive earned through various business experiences. Therefore, I can offer to Delta, proven sales skills, which will

  • Southwest Airlines: America's Happiest Airline Employee

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    obtained by payscale a site that ranks airlines based on pay, work stress, job satisfaction, and customer complaints, Southwest was ranked second in terms of happiest airlines, compared to Delta who ranked third (America’s Happiest Airline Employee, 2012). The same year that this ranking was published, Southwest saw a profit increase of over 40% while Delta only saw a increase of 8.3%. In 2017 Indeed, who used their database of employee’s review, listed Southwest Airlines as the second best company to work

  • United Airlines And Continental Airlines Merger Essay

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    The first merger negotiation between United Airlines (UAL) and Continental Airlines started in 2008 and has been lingering for years until they officially finalized the merger deal on October 1, 2010, following an agreement made in May of that year. The $3.17 billion merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines resulted the airline in becoming the world’s largest airline. The horizontal merger between the two giants in the airline industries, gave them more leverage, because consumers will

  • Alaska Airlines Failure

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    Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines has invested in satellite-based technology that assists aircraft pilots with driving through fogs and similarly bad weather conditions. This allows for less flight delays and an increase in passenger safety. Alaska Airlines also utilizes an on flight program that reports customer surveys to the aircraft staff which helps reduce the number of complaints that passengers have. In 2013, Alaska Airlines received an on-time performance report of 87.25%, in which only 12

  • Porter Airlines Essay

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    Porter Airlines is a regional airline centered at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on the Toronto Islands within Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The owner is Porter Aviation Holdings, formerly known as REGCO Holdings Inc., Porter has regularly scheduled flights between Toronto and locations in Canada and the United States using Canadian-built Bombardier Dash-8 Q 400 turboprop aircraft. Experience Porter (established in 2006) at its glance by flying one of its classy planes out of Toronto, its hub city

  • Southwest Airlines Essay

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    Introduction Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low-cost airline. [1] It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The US airline operates more than 3400 flights every day. It has nearly 46000 employees and services 93 destinations in 41 US states and abroad. [2] It was founded by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher in 1967 and its current CEO is Gary C. Kelly. Southwest Airlines is best known for its operational excellence, specifically the “low cost carrier” (LCC) model. The globally admired attributes

  • Southwest Airlines Essay

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    Southwest Airlines Co. is major U.S airline. It was established in 1967 by Herb Kelleher. Now, it has 97 destinations in 40 state. The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit ( I have responsible for al purchasing decisions for Southwest Airlines to achieve the mission. First, I will purchase some supplies to make sure

  • Airline Incident Case Study

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    employees applied, with this behavior a man got harmed physically, this incident affected the reputation of the airline, and causing a fell down in the stocks, the best way to avoid this accident is by organizing the system and knowing that would be a four more passenger the airline missed calculating, as an intensive the airline must cover the harm caused to the passenger. United airlines tragedy started when the security guys dragged a man out of one of their planes with a blooded face and screaming

  • Airline Pricing Strategy

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    Several experts believe that budget airline has reformed the entire airline industry and created a momentum for it to grow sustainably. Previously, the airline industry was experiencing a downturn in demand and surging production cost, which led to a profit recession. However, the price was regulated rigorously by the government, causing firms were not permitted to reduce price to stimulate customers demand. Such regulation has forced the fare gone high, and, thereby, customers could only select

  • 2012 American Airlines Pilot Strike

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    implemented in various ways. Many times, when asked about a labor strike, people associate it with a big group of people standing outside an establishment with picket signs belting out chants or songs. That’s not always the case, though. The 2012 American Airlines pilot strike was one of those instances where it wasn’t a typical strike. Yes, some pilots did stand outside with signs, but the majority of them showed their unhappiness through other various means. In order to show his or her grievance, a pilot

  • Hawaiian Airlines Essay

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    company I chose for the portfolio assignment is Hawaiian Airlines. The website for Hawaiian airlines is: and they have been in business since 1929 and the biggest and longest-serving airline in Hawaii (Hawaiian Airlines, 2023). Despite challenges of inflation, fuel prices and post-COVID travel hesitancy from overseas, Hawaiian Airlines continues to provide reliable air transportation

  • Southwest Airlines Competitive Advantage

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    Southwest Airlines is competing against other airline companies for customers. That is why it is essential that Southwest Airlines enforces strategies that allows them to outperform other airline companies. This gives them a competitive advantage, which is defined in the textbook as the achieved advantage over rivals when a company’s profitability is greater than the average profitability of firms in its industry. (Hill, Schilling, & Jones, 2017) The higher the profitability levels are of Southwest

  • Delta Airlines Financial Ratios

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    corporation American Airlines. Their first flight was on April 15th 1926, where Charles Lindbergh flew a mail route carrying mail and cargo. After eight years of flying mail routes, the airline began to form into what it is today. Over the years they have changed operations from flying mail routes to flying passenger routes and have grown their operations to be one of the largest carriers in the world, they boast flights to 350 destinations in 50 countries. (American Airlines 18th march). The primary

  • Porter Airlines Code Of Ethics

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    Company Description: Porter Airlines is a Canadian regional airline operating in the aviation industry. Established in 2006, Porter Airlines has its main hub at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and offers flights to various destinations in Canada and the United States (Porter Airlines, n.d.). The airline focuses on providing a premium travel experience, with services that include complimentary in-flight snacks, beverages, and lounge access for passengers. Porter Airlines is committed to maintaining

  • Revenue Management In Airline Industry

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    the deregulations in the airline industry, the revenue management techniques have become inevitable for airline seat inventory control. Revenue management is the process of selling the limited perishable capacity to the right customers at the right prices so as to optimize the total revenue. Classic examples of RM can be found in the airline and hotel industry where there are finite number of seats and hotel rooms, respectively (Mou and Wang 2014). The main problem in airline revenue management is to

  • Air Canada And Delta Airlines

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    Budget vs premium airlines: secret behind their performance Budget and premium carriers, success is the limit An air carrier requires a strong balance sheet as well as a highly visible brand proposition. It also envisages sound operational strategies, that evolve in a continuously dynamic environment. Although, the list could be exhaustive, operating characteristics like high margin routes, strong network on flight paths, value for money and low-flexible overhead costs are a few significant parameters