The Bone Sparrow Narrative Analysis

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Narrative point of view can express a different perspective to the reader by presenting experience, voice, and setting. Perspective is a particular way or attitude of considering events, by whatever character’s point of view the narrator takes. A character’s background and experiences in their life is a key to help the reader relate to the character. Culture may provide more insight about the circumstances, and can change a reader’s perspective, as well as the voice of the narrator - sophisticated or naive. This is shown in The Bone Sparrow, an award-winning novel which highlights the circumstances in australian refugee camps. The Bone Sparrow utilises many points of view - first point of view is demonstrated by not one, but two characters. …show more content…

This is closely related to experience. Of course, different people will have different perspectives - based on their experiences and life. Different perspectives can also be caused by age, gender, or race - how the character has been treated because they are of a particular faction and may be inferior. To add on, the difference between an old and young character is their vocabulary and choice of words, as well as their understanding of the events unfolding around them. Young characters may use slang and informal or simple language, and may not know their circumstances well. Older characters are wiser, and tend to use more sophisticated language. They also have had more time to be aware of the world and its occupants, resulting in more suitable language and understanding of the situation. In the Bone Sparrow, Subhi is an adolescent who has had little access to the outside world. He was born and raised in a refugee camp, which means that he has lived in the same place his entire life. This means that he is not very knowledgeable about the world or society outside of the camp. The reader, who is experiencing this in first person, then emphasizes for the Subhi as they have now understood his situation and seen the story through his eyes, which is a new experience for the reader. Therefore, character and setting can alter a character’s and readers

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