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Australia is said to be a multicultural and multiracial country. So why can’t we, as a country and as a nation, say yes to immigrants fleeing from a different country? As immigration to Australia is supposably apart of our history and it would be wrong not to continue on with the actions of our ancestors.
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As of 2014 – 2015, Australia accepted 13,750 refugees in total.
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• What are refugees and asylum seekers?
An asylum seeker is a person who is seeking protection as a refugee and is still waiting to have his/her claim assessed. The Refugee Convention definition is used by the Australian Government to determine whether our country has protection obligations towards asylum seekers.
• What is the difference between the two?
An asylum seeker is someone who is seeking international protection but whose claim for refugee status has not yet been determined. In contrast, a refugee is someone who has been recognised under the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees to be a refugee.
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Every refugee was once an asylum seeker, people seem to think that they are the same types of people where as an asylum seeker is someone who was forced to flee from his or her country – like refugees – and are trying to seek protection, but whose case for a refugee status has not yet been evaluated. Another difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee is if a refugee is seen or found by a person of the Australian Government, that government member cannot force them to go back to their country. But if an asylum seeker was caught a government member could send them back to their country, as they do not have the official paperwork to be an Australian

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