Australia Persuasive Speech On Asylum Seekers

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In Australia, refugees and asylum seekers are treated like the enemy in a war: the target of a highly resourced, military-led “deterrence” strategy complete with arbitrary detainment, detention camps, guards to terrorise them, forced deportations and the violent suppression of those who protest. Australia is failing to meet the standards required when regarding the treatment of asylum seekers. It is fact that asylum seekers make up less than 3% of Australia’s annual immigration yet the idea is being distorted to that of which they will overpopulate a country that prides itself on being a multicultural society. I want to shed light on the misconception that asylum seekers are not ‘legal’ when in actual fact it is a human right to seek freedom. …show more content…

Some of these people are on suicide watch yet we are turning a blind eye. They are protesting, having hunger strikes and stitching their mouths together to express that they are still there and they are still being mistreated. Still our government and media are ignoring their pleas for freedom.
I want to particularly focus right now on Manus Island which is now being treated as a military operation, Operation Sovereign Borders. People there have mutilated, starved, poisoned, harmed and have killed themselves from desperation. They have swallowed razor blades and set themselves on fire. They have died from medical neglect. Throughout this, our government ministers have remained callously and pathologically indifferent. They have ignored the advice of the highest medical and legal authorities we have here and overseas.
Our government claims that as humans we are innocent until proven guilty, however this is not the case as we are locking up these unfortunate people upon their arrival. Human rights commission released that what the government was doing is illegal. Our nation in response focused not on the mistreatment of these innocent beings but instead asked for the resignation of the human rights commissioner, Gillian Triggs for shedding the truth of what is really

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