Asylum Seekers Persuasive Speech

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Imagine if you were born into a country filled with poverty, fear, anxiety, despair and sorrow. The pain and suffering you would go through every day was so violent that you and your family had given up on all measures of hope. Every day you would fear persecution and you couldn’t even feel safe in the comfort of your own home. But what if there was a sliver of hope of escaping this drama occurring in your homeland by leaving by boat. All this drama gone in a flash, wouldn’t you want to try? putting your life at risk, but anyways what is the point of staying back, where you are just suffering emotionally, psychologically and physically as the day passes. 51 million people worldwide and 800,000 people in Australia have experienced these feelings …show more content…

Australia is the only country to have a system of mandatory detention where every single parent, man, woman, child who arrives here without a valid visa or illegal visa must undergo immigration detention immediately.
The issue with the refugee treatment and mandatory detention in Australia is that their minds are so vulnerable and stressed after leaving their country. Detention can harm asylum seekers and refugees because they are indefinite meaning the government can detain people for the course of their life which has severe effects on a person’s emotions and wellbeing. Studies have shown that refugees who have come from a warfare filled country have and increased chance to undergo depression, self-harm and even attempt suicide when under a type of imprisonment such as immigration detention.
The treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia is unacceptable and with mandatory detention it makes matters even worse. The treatment that families and children go through is a monstrosity. All of the reasons that have been listed is why ‘If I could change one thing about Australia’ it would be changing the way refugees are treated here and making them feel safe in Australia by connecting them to the

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