Analyzing Pat Campbell's Point Of View On Refugees

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The arrival of asylum seekers’ to Australia from other countries is a controversial issue dividing public opinion. Cartoonist, Pat Campbell, in the cartoon “Global Warming/Refugees Cartoon” from The National Times, shows his point of view on refugees as being a strong issue that can happen anywhere, even in the artic with animals. His point of view shows is that most people in Australia are treating refugees like animals treat each other and it is wrong. The author sees the treatment of the refugees as wrong and that they are being treated wrong and without respect. He also shows his point of view on global warming and how it is a growing issue. His point of view is clearly shown using irony, hyperbole and visual metaphor. The cartoon can be interpreted as different things depend on the readers, values and beliefs. …show more content…

As more and more refugees arrive to Australia from other countries, there is growing conflict in opinion as to whether they should stay or go. Global warming is also an issue of unseen controversy. The subject matter of the cartoon portrays a polar bear on a small block of ice with a sign reading NORTH POLE. Across from the block of ice are three penguins holding a suit and saying ‘ok we’ve decided to let you in, but we expect you to seamlessly integrate with us’. The target of the cartoon is any people who either don’t believe that global warming is real or people who don’t want to allow refugees into the country. The author’s tone is mainly ironic in saying that people who keep out refugees are doing things like animals do

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